Friday, February 18, 2005

Survival: Energy Times Momentum Equals Wealth

Leveraging Economic Growth
Or, How Goldy Locks Acquired Title To The Three Bears House

Comments From The SVS Group IMH ; GPU ; and, GWE

The gears of industry and commerce require a fluidity in the flow of currency - of the movement of assets and investment capital - as a continuum. Money was designed to evaporate if it became stagnant.

Through this flux of diverse currencies there occurs a constant management of national priorities that must be coordinated with the mainstream of international corporate machines that generally bear no allegiance to contemporary governance.

And, therein, occurs the mixture of the three migrant pixels : individual, national and international commerce.
The following is not a nice story - and, it does reflect the nature of survival; especially, of the most fit.
Within this global schematic orchestration of resource development and commodity production there functions the bureaucray of transportion - the element becomes the widget; that, consequently must enter into this mainstream of exchanges, wherein consumption rules until waste occurs.

Gaia - Mother Nature - ensures that there may be a sustainability of resources if we listen to her melody. And, also, if we accomodate her counsel, we will enter into the luxurious symphony of commodity items that would otherwise go unaccorded ... we would have meal without bread; we would love without song; and, we would pass beyond life and into death without knowing creation's warm embrace - of understanding the breath of life.
And, when the industrial person transacts these exchanges between the pixels, there is the opportunity to feel creation at work; to understand the responsibilities of land stewardship.

IMH acts in the capacity of a conductor; ensuring the production of sheet music from genius; manipulating the baton of consumer compulsion for widgets through the orchestration; and, finally the flow into the audience.
In this role of facilitator, we function as a moderator between fairness and excess; seeking to maintain an equilibrium between the hording greed and denial.

IMH is dedicated to wealth redistribution; ensuring that there is an opportunity for a wider influx of host community resource management.

This kind world of Earth has vicious, malevolent storms, which create an ever changing geography. Extreme climate change, as it is currently evolving, is forecast to cause chaos. And, this chaos will promulgate population migration .

Ownership of real estate - currency - will again become a more critical range commodity item than fresh water resources { the coastal communities which hold 90% of earth's population will be pushed from those regions due to rising tides}. Land is always the premium transactor. And, with these current issues of the onset of the contemporary global pandemic plague to flow from China; the demise of arable farming lands; the natural and industry-caused pollution of rivers and streams { which are the resources for 90% of human habitat fresh water }, there will arise a wave of new chaotic venues.

Parochial possession of industry and commerce will evolve as more prevalent than that of our current milieu.
IMH acts as a provider of mechanisms to establish the Survival Villages Systems { SVS }; wherein communities will develop the controlling management of regional resources; and, will, further, construct strategic alliances with other parochial regions to share wealth - establishing wider environments of sustainability.

The central autocracy which is currently seeking to establish a ruling global domain of human enterprises will experience a closing of the access gates. Hierarchical conspiracies to centralize ownership will always be alive. But the nature of creation is evolution; and, there is a predominating wave of intelligence arising through NGOs that is spawning a more profound global awareness of the prevailing flaws of central planning; and, the mixed economies of bottom-up & top-down economies will see a higher equity environment - scales will more periodically balance : which is always a crisis due to the potentials of currency stagnation.

IMH as a private body with a public will - intends to be influential in this evolutionary process through the counselling of parochial SVS.

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